Knowledge is power

We know how

Guessing and assuming is a very good approach for “quick and dirty” projects. But in our world, full of regulations, limitations and provisions, very demanding calculations will be required quite soon. We possess the necessary state-of-the-art hard- and software and employ highly qualified and experienced engineers of different disciplines to cover a wide range of calculations by our own expertise. HB Hunte Engineering is able to provide comprehensive, detailed and competitive evaluations according to the latest rules and regulations, supporting innovative ideas and always driven by the ambition to push the limits. In this way we can actively contribute to your demands to save weight, fuel, objections, trouble and finally also your money.


Safe and durable

With our state-of-the-art software packages we are able to support you with/ in:

  • basic scantling calculations
  • global structural hull analyses
  • detail structural analyses
  • fatigue evaluations
  • temperature field simulations
  • pipe stress analyses
  • vibration analyses
  • mooring analyses acc. OCIMF

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We don’t rely on “stability in the feet”

In close cooperation with our partners Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Heinrich & Sven Brand we are able to provide the full scope of services from design of hull lines for your new project to complex stability calculations according to the latest rules.

We are able to support you with/ in:

  • hull line development
  • weight estimations
  • fairing of hull lines in production quality
  • freeboard calculations
  • preparation, supervision and evaluation of:
    • inclining experiments
    • lightshipweight surveys
  • intact stability calculations
  • damage stability calculations

Due to our long-time, confiding partnership with HSVA, Hamburg we are able to provide state-of-the-art CFD-optimised hull lines – tailor-made and dedicated for your needs.