Two heads are better than one

Together with our partners of Ingenieurbüro Hartwig Brand,
we offer independent surveys, consulting and supervision.

Hartwig Brand is a member of the “Verband Deutscher Schiffahrt-Sachverständiger“ (VDSS, Association of German Marine Experts). He and his team provide detailed and comprehensive expertises for shipping companies, banks, insurance companies and dockyards, supported and proven by photos and videos. If you need any assistance at any stage of your projects, our experts can be at your side to help with words and deeds.


A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Our consulting services comprise:

  • advise regarding realizable designs & constructions
  • project tendering
  • offer evaluations
  • cost calculations
  • contract negotiations
  • technical meeting support
  • plan approval
  • approval handling with classification societies and national authorities
  • project management
  • hydrodynamic & propulsion consulting
  • model tank test consulting


Look before you leap.

Worldwide we inspect, check and evaluate the

  • characteristics of principal design, construction criteria and peculiarities
  • steel body and tanks, paint coatings incl. measurement of coating depth
  • deck, mooring, safety and fire-fighting equipment
  • scrutiny of cranes, hatches and loading gear
  • accommodation and sanitary units
  • power output balance recording and operating characteristics of all main and auxiliary engines, gears and generators incl. the state of inspection
  • liquid circuits, piping systems, separators, ventilation and AC plants
  • fire alarm, navigation and control systems, electrics etc.
  • ship certificates, class files, maintenance and operation documentation

Our reports contain:

  • all necessary technical information and data of the ship or dock
  • a detailed description of the condition of all inspected areas
  • a photo documentation
  • conclusions


Try before you trust.

Worlwide we inspect/ interview and evaluate the

  • yard infrastructure and premises
  • production facilities and capacities (workshops, docks, slipways etc.)
  • machinery capacities (cranes, machines for cutting, bending etc.)
  • yard management and selected personnel
  • quality of produced parts (block sections, newbuildings, machinery parts etc.)

Furthermore we

  • examine yard’s development potentialities
  • reveal economical or technical problems that might occur
  • set time schedules for newbuilding or conversion projects

Our reports contain:

  • all necessary technical information about shipyard or production facility
  • a detailed description of the condition of all inspected areas
  • a photo documentation
  • economical information
  • organisational information
  • network information
  • quality information
  • HSE information
  • conclusions


Trust is good, control is better.

Worlwide we control and evaluate the

  • new building progress
  • new building quality
  • status of class and owner’s acceptance
  • yard efficiency
  • yard management and organization

Furthermore we

  • check time schedules for newbuilding
  • reveal bottle necks or technical problems that might occur
  • compare the building status in correlation with installments

Our reports contain:

  • a detailed description of the building status
  • a detailed description of the building quality
  • information about yard efficiency
  • information about adherence to schedules and delivery dates
  • a photo report


We are at your site – wordwide.

Worldwide we supervise

  • all ship types (newbuildings, conversions and repairs)
  • onshore and offshore facilities

Our reliable, experienced experts will organize and supervise all works from steel cutting to the delivery of the ship e.g.:

  • taking part on design and equipment reviews
  • technical specification review
  • liaison between owner, designer, shipyards, class
  • steelwork monitoring
  • outfitting monitoring
  • paint inspection
  • tank testing
  • equipment testing
  • comissioning support
  • sea trial attendance