Time is money –
Measure twice, cut once

Efficient & precise
with our own 3-D scanner and
our dedicated & reliable engineering team
we will save your time and money.

From feasibility study to realisation we offer the full scope from basic to detail design for a nearly unrestricted prefabrication with minimized down-time and “flying installation” if requested. We offer to retrofit: Ballast Water Treatment Systems, LNG Fuel Gas Systems and Scrubber Systems but also any other retrofit or repair you like us to do.

3-D Scanning

Get to know our digital shipyard.

The advantages of applying 3-D scan technology are:

  • capturing large and small structures in a detailed way
  • precise measurements even under difficult conditions
  • reduction of time, higher accuracy and completeness compared to manual measurements

This allows:

  • pre-manufacturing to the maximum possible
  • “turn-key” offers and supplies
  • saving of time and costs
  • customers a solid planning of time and budget

How does it work:

  • A point cloud containing millions of single coordinates will be captured on board.
  • The point cloud includes all equipment, pipes, cables and steel surroundings of the existing ship.
  • We import this point cloud in our software as 3-D model environment in which we are able to measure and provide our engineering services.
  • We virtually place the new components into the existing environment and do the system engineering.
  • We prepare a complete 3-D model of the retrofitted environment.
  • We provide a 3-D model review in virtual reality for your perusal.
  • We deliver the engineering package for the retrofit.

For more information please see our flyer or contact us for a presentation.

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Retrofitting & Repair

We offer the full service –
all from one source.

We can offer up to 4 phases – you can decide which scope you like us to do.

1 Project evaluation & feasibility study

  • project evaluation: whatever your challenge is – simple is best
  • feasibility study: onboard survey and 3-D laser scan, where appropriate

2 Concept design and detail engineering

  • concept design: feasibility proven in virtuality
  • detail engineering: as-built in advance – an advantage

3 Purchase & pre-fabrication

  • purchase: additional costs – no, why?
  • pre-fabrication: welcome your parts – ready for mounting

4 Supervision & commissioning

  • installation: wherever, whenever, whatever – we will be at your site
  • commissioning: the perfect finish – in time

Pipes, structures, components or sections can be vastly pre-fabricated; adjustments during installation onboard remain marginal.

For more information please see our flyer.

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Engineering beyond the limits.

Over the years we gained a lot of experience in:

  • lengthening of vessels
  • widening of vessels
  • bulbous bow modifications
  • crane conversions
  • modifications of all kinds for offshore operations

We are able to support you with:

  • feasibility studies
  • 3-D scanning
  • concept, basic and detail design/ engineering
  • dismounting/ mounting procedures
  • stability calculations
  • strength calculations
  • conversion specifications
  • plan approval and site supervision
  • project tendering
  • cost and offer evaluations
  • assistance in meetings