HB Hunte Engineering has been contracted by the shipping company Lehmann from Lübeck, Germany, for the complete Basic- and Detail Engineering including the electro-technical planning for the retro-fit of ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) on the ships of their entire fleet.
Lehmann has opted for ballast treatment systems of type OBS 334-370 BK from the BWTS manufacturer Optimarin.
This BWTS is following the filtration- and UV-Radiation principle.
During ballast water up-take the water is filtered in the automatic back flushing filter (blue component on the displayed picture), organisms and particles are removed, the water is then directed to the UV-Reactor (horizontal arranged, grey components) where due to the UV-Radiation a biological disinfection, eliminating remaining small organisms, bacteria and viruses is realized.

During ballast water discharge, it passes through the UV reactors again. Both processes ensure that there is no carry-over of invasive species.
We are pleased that Lehmann shipping company was able to successfully install the system on the Husumer shipyard on its first ship, MS Karin Lehmann. They confirmed to us that the installation was executed in accordance with HB Hunte’s detailed installation planning.

HB Hunte Engineering uses its own 3D scanner to capture the installation environment and to plan and realize the integration of the complete BWTS into existing ships. This process allows to pre- manufacture and galvanize all pipes apart from a few remaining fitting-pipes based on the workshop documentation.

This significantly reduces the installation time in the shipyard, which saves time and thus money. HB Hunte Engineering has already carried out the engineering for the BWTS retro-fits for over 60 systems from diverse BWTS manufacturers on a wide variety of ships.
Use our experience, we would be happy to support you.
Please feel free to contact us for a quotation.

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