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HB Hunte Engineering has invented an alternative LNG fuel tank design

Marine design & engineering provider HB Hunte Engineering GmbH announced having successfully conducted the hydrostatic pressure test for their novel and innovative LNG fuel tank design.

Specializing in custom-made fuel gas solutions, HB Hunte Engineering is currently working on LNG newbuildings and the conversion of conventional ships to dual-fuel. For this purpose, HB Hunte Engineering teamed up with Høglund Marine Solutions AS who is providing entire Fuel Gas Supply Systems (FGSS) including dedicated automation. In the course of a LNG retrofit series a special LNG fuel tank design, the so called “Bi-Nut” tank was developed by HB Hunte Engineering GmbH. The Bi-Nut tank design is already approved according to DNVGL rules as an IMO type C tank.

The German based ship designer HB Hunte Engineering can look back on four decades of experience in the field of type C pressure vessel design and an even longer history of gas tanker design and engineering of marine gas plants.

Frerk Brand, Managing Director of HB Hunte Engineering, stated:

“A major challenge in the project phase is to optimize the tank size for various geometries of the available space on board of different ship types. For a lot of ships and especially on cruise liners or passenger ships with restricted deck heights a conventional type C tank, like cylindrical or bi-lobe would not reach an optimized space utilization. So we decided to come up with something new, creative and extraordinary. Our innovative Bi-Nut design uses the available space much more efficiently than normal circular geometries would do. According to our investigations, such tank shape has never been designed or built before. We are also proud that our pioneering concept was able to prevail against all other designs and competitors.”

Christoph Flaig, Head of Calculations and Tank Design of HB Hunte Engineering explained:

“Our Bi-Nut tank combines the high safety and performance of a type C pressure vessel with a much higher utilization of available space, a combination type A and B tanks cannot provide. We are now much more flexible in respect to different breadth-height ratios of the tank hold space, which is also a very interesting feature for further conversions and newbuilding projects we are looking into at the moment.

Depending on the severity of the shape, operational pressures of up to 10 bar(g) are feasible with this design offering a wide range of applications in various gas projects with its limits yet to be determined.

Our product name “Bi-Nut” is a combination of the expressions “Bi-Lobe” and “Peanut”, deriving from its unique cross-section shape.”

Three tanks being currently on order at BREDO DRY DOCKS and under construction at Stahlbau Nord GmbH&Co.KG, both located in Bremerhaven, Germany and member of the HEINRICH RÖNNER company group.

Wolfgang Franzelius, Director Sales & Business Development HB Hunte Engineering, added:

“Stahlbau Nord has made a tremendous job to build the first ever Bi-Nut tank in such an outstanding quality. They have stuck to the tight project time schedule and kept costs well within the planned budget. This means a lot for Germany and the North Sea Coast showing the high potential as location for further LNG tank and equipment manufacture and other new technologies, supporting the energy revolution.”

After the hydrostatic pressure test of the first tank was completed, further outfitting and foam insulation was also done at Stahlbau Nord.

HB Hunte Engineering GmbH

Oldenburg-based HB Hunte Engineering GmbH with their long-standing and well-established experience in the shipyard industry offers state-of-the-art naval architecture services in shipbuilding, mechanical- and the extensive field of gas-engineering. Their service portfolio covers newbuilds as well as conversions and all types of on- & offshore units. HB Hunte Engineering is, among others, specialized in the design of gas carriers of any kind have significant references for proven, highly efficient designs from 5.000 – 85.000cbm cargo capacity.

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Stahlbau Nord GmbH

Stahlbau Nord is the renown liable partner for the production of ship hulls, block sections and accommodations for mega yachts, navy vessels and any other ship type in regular steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

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BREDO DRY DOCKS is one of Europe’s leading ship yards for conversion, repair and maintenance. At its ideal location at the German North Sea coast BREDO offers up to eight floating dry docks for any kind of ship type and any job.

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Høglund Marine Solutions AS

Høglund is a privately-owned company with its roots in marine automation solutions. With a deep knowledge in the operations of marine and offshore vessels Høglund continuously expanded the product range and today offers LNG fuel gas and cargo handling systems, power solutions and all kind of integrated automation.

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